Monday, January 25, 2010

Matthew 25 - Blessed to Be a Blessing

by Katrina

LINK: Matthew 25

Please read the scripture passage before continuing. It will make a lot more sense that way. =)

This chapter continues the Olivet Discourse we began yesterday.

First, in the story of the ten virgins, we have one more illustration of being (vs 1-13). Becky discussed this pretty well yesterday, so if you missed yesterday's post, scroll down and take a look. I know I want to be ready and waiting when Jesus comes back!

Second, Jesus tells us to use what God has given us for God's increase and glory (vs 14-30).

Third, There will be judgment in the end (vs 31-46). At least part of that judgment will be on what we did to help those in need.

Let's consider the last two sections of the chapter. God has given each of us "talents" to be used for him. He does not want us to "sit on them" and keep them to ourselves. Whatever he gave us, he intends for us to use for his service just like the man in the story expected of his servants.

Take some time to consider what "talents" God has given to you.
  • spiritual gifts
  • physical abilities
  • creative talents
  • education
  • job skills
  • family heritage
  • life-changing experiences
  • relationships that have formed you
How can you use these things in service to God?

Let's take it one step further. How can you use what you have to help mankind? Can you offer comfort, support, compassion, food and drink, clothing, shelter? Those in the story did not help in order to gain recognition for themselves. They just helped because there was a need and they could meet it.

Father, help us to see the ways you have equipped us to serve you. May we use all you have given us for your glory and for the benefit of others. Let us not hide what you have intended for us to use. Rather, let us use the blessings you have given us to be a blessing to you and to others. In the name of Jesus, amen.
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