Different Ways of Reading

Hello there faithful Bible readers!

I want to thank you for your commitment to reading God's Word. I hear from some of you every once in a while, and I wish I could hug you! I love it when people read His Word because it is life.

We have all sorts of people reading their Bibles in all different ways. We have some people reading according to a three year cycle, and we have some who are reading on a one year cycle. 

When you get to the gospels, you also have the option of reading them chronologically at the Gospel Harmony Book Club

All three years of the Bible Book Club are already on this blog (after six years and two three year cycles), and they will stay there so you can read them at whatever pace you desire. 

I am also in the process of putting everything into downloadable word documents. Check out what I have so far HERE

Welcome to the adventure! 

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