Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mark 10 - Service without Ambition

by Katrina

LINK: Mark 10

The first three sections of this chapter (vs 1-31), on marriage/divorce, children, and wealth,  parallel Matthew 19, and you can read the discussion HERE.

Verses 32-34
For the third time (see Mark 8:31 & 9:31 for the first two), Jesus told his disciples of his coming death and resurrection. But they still don't quite get it. They still expect Jesus to overthrow the government and set up an earthly kingdom.

Verses 35-45
Parallel passage in Matthew discussed here. James and John asked Jesus for the places of top honor in his kingdom. When the other disciples heard about it, they were indignant. How dare they put themselves forward that way! Jesus pointed out to them all that they should not wish to have positions of authority so they can become great in the eyes of man and have power over others. He put himself forward as an example to them. Jesus came to serve, not to put himself in a place of domination over others. He would give up everything for the sake of others. And he would expect the same from them.

Verses 46-52
Jesus healed a blind man named Bartimaeus who cried out to him for mercy.

We need to keep in mind our role as a servant and not seek recognition, power, authority, or reward in our service to God. This is a good reminder to examine our hearts and check our motives. We need to be careful not to seek to be elevated above others. Let us follow the example of Jesus. He gave up everything to benefit others!

Lord, teach us to take our eyes off of ourselves and fix them on serving Jesus. Amen.
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