Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Luke 24 - The Risen Savior

by Katrina

LINK: Luke 24

We discussed the resurrection of Jesus in Matthew 28 here and Mark 16 here.

Those who arrived at the tomb and found it empty were perplexed. The two who walked along the road to Emmaus were discouraged and amazed at the women who said Jesus was alive. The eleven were startled and frightened when Jesus appeared among them.

But when Jesus explained Scripture to them and allowed them to touch his body, they marveled and rejoiced. Their hearts burned within them. He opened their minds and they understood. When Jesus shared a meal with them, their eyes were opened and they recognized him.

They encountered the risen Jesus and were never the same again!

Jesus told the disciples and others in the room, "You are witnesses of these things." They were to begin from Jerusalem and proclaim to all the nations that the Christ suffered and rose again from the dead three days later, and that repentance would bring forgiveness of sins.

What was begun by the original disciples is continued today by believers all around the world. What does it mean to be a witness? A witness is not a judge or jury. A witness is not a prosecutor sent to condemn. A witness doesn't make up stories.

Rather, a witness is one who sincerely tells what he has seen and heard. In this case Jesus specifies that his witnesses would tell people about their encounter with Christ. They would tell others about his suffering, death, burial, and resurrection. And they would tell how repentance will bring forgiveness of sins.

Let's share this good news of forgiveness with others!

Father, you amaze us with your resurrection from the dead. You amaze us even more with our own encounters with you, the risen savior! Make us bold to share the good news of forgiveness and salvation with others. Because of Jesus, amen.
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