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Ezekiel 30 & 31 - This is What the Sovereign LORD says . . .

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Ezekiel 30

With an introduction of "this is what the LORD God (or sovereign LORD) says . . . " in each of four sections in 30:2, 6, 10, 13), God pronounced judgment on Egypt in the form of a lament. Because of her pride and idolatry, Egypt would be brought down. Since 30:3 states "The day of the LORD," some commentators believe these prophecies are for end times while others believe the "day" can be any time of God's judgment. 

These will be all who will fall with Egypt:
Cush - present day southern Egypt, Sudan, and northern Ethiopia 
Put - modern day Libya  
Lydia - on the west coast of Asia Minor
All Arabia - all mixed peoples  
Memphis - religious center of Egypt 
Pathros - area midway between Cairo and Aswan 
Zoan (later called Tanis by the Greeks) - royal residence in the Delta region 
Thebes - 400 miles south of Cairo and is modern day Karnak and Luxor 
Pelusium - a military center in the Delta about a mile from the Mediterranean Sea 
Heliopolis - a major religious center in northern Egypt 
Bubastic - an important religious center in northeast of Cairo 
Tahpanhes - near the Suez Canal and held one of Pharaoh's palaces (Jeremiah 43:9)

This prophecy mentioned all the major cities to show that God would break Egypt's strength. Babylon was the tool God used to accomplish His judgment on Egypt.

The prophecy in 30:20-26 is Ezekiel's fourth of seven prophecies against Egypt and was given on April 29, 587 B.C., four months after Ezekiel's first prophecy against Egypt (29:1). It was recorded after Babylon defeated Egypt. When Egypt failed to help Judah, God broke Pharaoh Hophra's arm (30:21) so he was unable to defend Judah. Later, he would break both! He would totally destroy Egypt and give that strength to Babylon.

Ezekiel 31

This prophecy was given less than two months after the last prophecy in Ezekiel 30 on June 21, 587 B.C. It is Ezekiel's fifth prophecy against Egypt and an allegory of Pharaoh's fall, comparing him to a "cedar of Lebanon," Assyria. Assyria was once great and mighty, but it fell to Babylon. Just as Assyria fell because of its pride, Egypt would crash like a mighty tree!

Ezekiel's message to these great world powers is the same message God would proclaim to the nations today. The destiny of humanity does not rest in the control of presidents and kings, but in God alone. The Daily Walk, August 23/24, 2008, p. 26 
Ezekiel's prophesies were judgments on great and mighty nations and prove that God has been in control of all world events throughout history and will continue to be in control until He overthrows all evil! Even the mightiest and most evil rulers are accountable to God. That is a comforting thought when watching the news!


I had a discussion with a friend last night who said she never watches the news because it is too depressing. It certainly can seem like evil is winning out; but if you do watch the news, do it from God's perspective, praying as you watch!


Lord, we acknowledge Your sovereign hand over all world events. We pray that Your kingdom would come and Your will would be done on earth as it is in heaven. We ask this in Jesus' name. Amen.
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