Wednesday, October 2, 2013

3 John - No Greater Joy

LINK: John 3


This is a loving letter from the elder, John, to his “beloved” friend, Gaius, who was walking in the truth, not just knowing the truth but walking in it by applying that truth. Gaius was doing so by housing and supporting those who were out spreading the Gospel (v. 7).

Diotrephes was someone from the Gaius’ church who did not walk in the truth because he did not accept John’s words, spoke wickedly against John, and did not help the people who were spreading the gospel. John would talk to him sternly if he was able to come. (We do not know if John ever visited.)

John exhorted Gaius not to imitate evil (like Diotrephes’) but good. Demetrius was one worthy of imitation.


I thought I was done writing for the Bible Book Club last Friday, but a few days ago, I realized I had forgotten to write the post for this precious little book. I had to smile at God’s sovereignty because the first book that I ever studied “in-depth” and inductively was 3 John! I had purchased my first study Bible in the summer of 1978, and I was determined to study it from cover to cover, but I needed to start with something short and simple. So I randomly picked one of the shortest books in the Bible! I have that single page somewhere in all my papers. If I find it, I will take a picture and post it here for posterity!

How appropriate that I would begin and end my journey with this little book. What is even more appropriate is I would end the writing exactly 2000 days since the BBC started (December 25, 2007 to today, June 15, 2013). On top of all this, the initial BBC post has had 2000 page views! LOL!

God has a wonderful sense of humor and timing, doesn’t He?

What I want to say is that if you are reading this, you are one of the ones who has almost finished the Bible Book Club Course, and I feel like John when he said,

“I have no greater than this, to hear … [you] are walking in the truth.” 
(3 John 4)

(By the way, I am also finishing this post at the same time that I finished the first Bible Book Club post on December 25, 2007!)

I have known so many struggling believers whose lives were transformed by seeing the truth and applying it! I have many stories. Most believers are not in the Word. There are varying statistics, but only 19% even read their Bibles daily (according to a recent study of 2,900 Protestants HERE. Also see video HERE. Also see article HERE). As far as reading the whole Bible, statistics vary but between 10-31% of believers, but I believe it is lower than that and 10% is generous!  

I had been a believer for nine years before I really started reading and studying Scripture. The growth was exponential after that. We need to eat proper nutrition in order to grow, and I have no greater joy than to see people growing! It is my passion! 

I hope that by participating in the Bible Book Club that you are allowing the Holy Spirit to transform you as He leads you to apply that Word to your life! That is truly "walking in the truth"!


What is your “I will” statement from reading 3 John?


Lord, what a long journey. Teach us to walk in truth all the days of our lives! Amen.

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