Monday, May 30, 2011

Deuteronomy Chapter TItles

Chapter Titles

1: What God Has Already Done

2: God's Faithfulness in the "Trudging"

3: Review of Conquests East of the Jordan/Reminder that Moses Would Not Enter the Land

4: So That You May Live

5: Review of the Ten Commandments

6: Wholehearted Love for the LORD

7-8: Destroy the Canaanites and Remember From Whence You Came

9: "You Have Been Rebellious Since the Day I Knew You"

11-12: Circumcise Your Deceitful Hearts and Walk in the Ways of Your Mighty God

13-14: Just Say No to Idols and Unclean Animals

15: Generosity

16: The Three Big Feasts and Impartiality of Judges

17: Qualifications of a King

18: The Portion for the Levites and Prohibition of Occult Practices

19: Cities of Refuge and Purging the Evil from Among You

20: On Fear and Faith and Holy War

21: Holiness in the Home

22: God's Plan for Protection

23: Exclusion for the Assembly, Uncleanness in the Camp, and Miscellaneous Laws

24: More Miscellaneous Laws (One about Divorce and Remarriage)

25: More Miscellaneous Laws

26: First Fruits and Tithe Ceremony

27: Consequences of Obedience and Disobedience

28: Blessings and Cursings

29: Summary of the Covenant Demands: Choose Life!

30: Circumcision of the Heart

31: Moses' Final Words: Be Strong and Courageous and Read the Word

32: "Not an Idle Word for You"

33: Moses Blesses

34: Moses Dies
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