Thursday, August 14, 2008

Judges 21 - Wives for the Benjamites

LINK: Judges 21

Whew! The last few chapters of this book have been difficult to read! What horrible events! In chapter 21, Israel finds herself in a difficult situation. They sure come up with some creative solutions to their problem!

Somehow, all the problems aren't anybody's fault. The people complain to God that the tribe of Benjamin will disappear, but they don't acknowledge their role in the predicament. It's almost implied that the problem is God's fault. No one seems to accept any responsibility for the immorality. We have seen the cycles of the time of the judges throughout this book, and how it only took a few generations for the nation to become immoral and godless. The nation as a whole has not in any way kept itself separate from the pagan nations around them. The last sentence sums things up pretty well -- ". . . everyone did what was right in his own eyes."

Do I do what is right in my own eyes rather than what God says is right? Do I think I'm the exception and don't need to follow the rules? Do I take the time and effort needed to determine what is right before God, or do I just rely on my own reasoning? My view of right and wrong must line up with God's view in order to be correct. I don't get to make the rules myself. I mustn't let the lure of the culture draw me away from God but must continually seek him and follow his ways.

Lord, you are holy and call us to be holy. Help me to remember that it's not my place to decide what is okay to do and what is not. You set the standards, and I must obey you. Let me learn to do what is right in YOUR eyes rather than relying on myself to determine what is right. Draw me ever closer to you, to learn to think like you and to follow your heart. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

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