Monday, August 25, 2008

Psalm 45 - Love Song for a King!



Composed as a wedding song for a king of Israel, either David or Solomon, Psalm 45 also celebrates the Messiah’s union with His bride. So as with many of the psalms there is a double layer of meaning: the actual historical happening that it marks and the insights and truths it reveals about the Lord Jesus Christ.

This is a love song. But it isn’t only a love song. Its title also identifies it as a maskil or teaching psalm. So we can learn something from it. Psalm 45 quite obviously points to a future king and a kingdom that is eternal. But just so we know for sure, it is also quoted in Hebrews 1: 8 -9 about God the Son, the Lord Jesus.


This psalm is about a groom and his bride. We, the universal and invisible church, are the bride. Our groom is King Jesus. Someday we will have our wedding banquet!

What characterizes the groom?

He speaks with grace. He is powerful and strong - splendid! He does victorious battle for truth, humility, and righteousness. His eternal kingdom is ruled in justice. He carries his sword with him – his Word.

His arrows pierce the hearts of his enemies. His arrows of love and grace and mercy?

He loves righteousness and hates wickedness.

He has great joy on his wedding day!

What about the bride? How does she try to please her bridgroom?

She forgets her past and her people – what formerly gave her security and comfort.

She honors her bridegroom, her lord.

She waits, beautifully clothed, for her bridegroom and king.

She will enter the palace of her king with joy and gladness.


This psalm is full of hope and joy and expectancy. Sometimes I get bogged down in the past and forget the joy that is set before me. What bride does that? This psalm is a glimpse of the joy we will experience when we see our Bridegroom!

Meditate on this psalm today and rejoice in your King and Bridegroom!


We wait for you, Lord, clothed in your beautiful clothes of righteousness. Thank-you for being the Almighty King of truth, humility, and grace.
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