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2 Chronicles 12 - Halfhearted Rehoboam

LINK: 2 Chronicles 12
Parallel passage: 1 Kings 14:21-31


Rehoboam of Judah
Reigned: 931-913 B.C. for 17 years
Character: Bad mostly

Because Rehoboam had "abandoned the law of the LORD" and "been unfaithful to the LORD" (2 Chronicles 12:1), the LORD was "provoked to jealousy" (1 Kings 14:22).  In this particular military campaign, he carried away the temple and palace treasures. Shishak took control of 156 cities.  

Unlike the 1 Kings 14 account, this account includes the Prophet Shemaiah (2 Chronicles 12:5) who tells Rehoboam and the leaders exactly why they were being invaded: "You have abandoned me; therefore, I now abandon you to Shishak." This account also records their humble response:"The Lord is just." Because of their repentance, they were not totally destroyed. Again, the divine perspective is central in the chroniclers account. 

Even though there was "some good in Judah" (2 Chronicles 12:12), Rehoboam's life is summed up in verse 14:
He did evil because he had not set his heart on seeking the LORD.
How very sad!

FUN FACT: Chronicles focuses on the descendants of David as legitimate rulers of the nation and does not acknowledge the northern kingdom of Israel. The reigns of the eight good kings of Judah are given twice as much coverage in the Bible as the 12 evil kings of Israel.

REFLECTION/APPLICATION from The Daily Walk, April 23, 2008, p. 29

Here are some symptoms of a halfhearted love for God taken from the life of Rehoboam: 
1. Your words and actions promote division not peace. 
2. You rely on your own strength, rather than God's. 
3. You worship God only when it is expedient for you. 
4. You distort God's plan and purpose for the family. 
5. You acknowledge God only when you feel helpless. 
Rehoboam's self-serving indifference came to a sudden halt when God brought him face to face with death in the person of Shishak, king of Egypt. In humble helplessness, Rehoboam acknowledged his own wickedness and God's righteousness. 
Are you halfhearted in your love for God? Then clear the channels of communication with Him. Admit your waywardness, acknowledge His righteousness, and get back in step with Him.


With my whole heart
Lord, let me love You
With my whole heart
None above You
Praise and love You
With my whole heart.
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