Monday, April 26, 2010

Acts 21 - Paul Goes to Jerusalem

by Katrina

LINK: Acts 21

Maps by Gordon Smith can be used without further permission.

This chapter begins with Paul and his companions at point 15 on the above map and headed toward Jerusalem. Although Paul received warnings that he would be persecuted there, he still was compelled to travel to Jerusalem and meet with the believers there.

When Paul arrived at Jerusalem, he was walking into a hornet's nest. The Jews there had heard about Paul teaching in the synagogues and believed he was teaching Jews to turn away from the Law of Moses and the Jewish traditions and teachings. To demonstrate that he was not teaching against the Law, Paul associated himself with some men who were completing a vow and went to the temple with them.

This did not convince the Jews. They accused Paul of preaching against the Jewish people and defiling the temple (which he didn't do). And with these accusations, they began a riot. The Roman soldiers came to stop the uprising and decided to question Paul. The commander ended up rescuing Paul from the crowd and then giving him permission to speak to the crowd.

To be continued . . . .
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