Monday, August 16, 2010

Titus 2 - From Generation to Generation

by Katrina

LINK: Titus 2

How do we learn to live godly, sensible, righteous lives? How do we stay encouraged while waiting for the return of our Savior? What helps us get through the difficulties of life without losing our faith?  How do we learn to obey the Lord and do good deeds?

Although it's true that we learn much from studying scripture, and we have the help of the Holy Spirit, these are usually not enough. We need older, more experienced believers to teach the younger, less experienced ones. Older men and women should pass along their faith experiences to the younger generation.

Do you have any relationships in your Christian walk where you can learn or teach about living the Christian life? Many churches in our culture lack this, because we have such a spirit of independence. If you don't have these relationships, I challenge you to build them. They are extremely valuable!

I have an "older woman" who I know will always give me sound biblical counsel for my life.She doesn't have all the answers -- I don't expect her to, and it's not necessary. But she is of good Christian character and she loves Jesus. We meet regularly to discuss what the Lord is teaching us. We talk about our struggles to be holy. We encourage one another, and we pray together. I wouldn't trade it for anything! It strengthens our faith, and we both  highly value our "growth partner" relationship.

Thank you, Father, for placing us in your church for corporate growth as well as individual growth. Teach us to have enough humility to be open and draw encouragement from one another. May those with more experience be willing to share with the next generation of believers. Keep us growing in you! Amen.
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