Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Revelation 21:9-27 - The New Jerusalem

by Katrina

LINK: Revelation 21:9-27

John describes the new city of Jerusalem. The city is called both the wife and the bride. Israel was often referred to as the "wife of God," and the "bride of Christ" refers to the church. The twelve tribes of Israel are inscribed on her gates, representing Israel, and the twelve apostles are on the foundation stones, representing the church. The city is described as shining brilliantly of the glory of God. The inhabitants will come from all nations, but they will be only those whose names are written in the Lamb's book of life. Only those who belong to God will be present.

One of the best things about the city is that it will not need sun, moon, or any other light. The glory of God will be present to illumine it. Jesus himself will be the light. There will be no need for a temple in this city, because God's presence will be everywhere all the time.

There will be no sin in the city. There will be nothing unclean. Only what demonstrates the glory of God and His holiness will be there.

Imagine yourself walking down that golden street made of such pure gold that it looks like transparent glass. You are surrounded by precious stones - jasper, sapphire, chalcedony, emerald, sardonyx, sardius, chrysolite, beryl, topaz, chrysoprase, jacinth, and amethyst. (I don't even know what some of those are, but I bet they're gorgeous!) The twelve gates are each made of one huge pearl. The names of the twelve tribes of Israel are inscribed on them. The foundation stones have the names of the twelve apostles (I'm guessing Paul's name replaces Judas's). Jesus Himself shines his glorious light everywhere. Believers from all over the world are there. There is no sin, no sorrow, no sadness, no death, no crying, no pain. There is only perfection surrounding you. There is nothing between you and the very presence of God! Just imagine!!

Is your name written in the Lamb's book of life? Rejoice!

We praise you, God, that one day you will wipe out the world as we know it with all its sin and suffering, and you will make a new place free of all sin and suffering. You will call out your own people from nations all over the world. You will shine your glory for all to see. And we will be in your presence! What an exciting day to look forward to! Amen!

This is my final post for BBC. It has been a wonderful journey through the Bible for the past (almost) three years. I appreciate Carol letting Becky and me participate on a regular basis. It has been richly rewarding both to write and to read the posts here. And it has been invaluable time with the Lord in his word. It has been an exciting three years with Jesus! ~ Katrina
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