Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Psalm 72 - The Perfect King

LINK: Psalm 72


This is the last writing of Solomon we will cover during the Bible Book Club!  While this Psalm is attributed as a "Psalm of Solomon," some commentators believe, since it was written in the third person, it was  "for Solomon" and written by his father, David, and a prayer for people to use when praying for God's blessings on the new king. 

If it was written by Solomon, it was probably written before he fell away from the Lord in 1 Kings 11. The reason I did not put it before we read that chapter is because it also might be a messianic psalm about the Son of David, Jesus Christ, who was greater than Solomon (Matthew 12:42). 
The Psalm, in highly wrought figurative style, describes the reign of a king as “righteous, universal, beneficent, and perpetual.” By the older Jewish and most modern Christian interpreters, it has been referred to Christ, whose reign, present and prospective, alone corresponds with its statements.   
(A Commentary, Critical and Explanatory, on the Old and New Testaments.  (Ps 72:1))
It describes the perfect King:
1) Righteous 
2) Just 
3) Peaceful 
4) Prosperous 
5) Compassionate 
6) Unlimited dominion 
7) Worthy of honor and praise 
8) Savior


Praise our King Jesus today!  This is a perfect time to tell you to buy a copy of Handel's Messiah! We will go through each movement of this wonderful piece of Music at the end of the three years of the Bible Book Club because you will be amazed at what a great review it is of The Scarlet Thread of Redemption! His kingship is so evident in it! 

It is already online if you want to view the posts in reverse order: Handel's Messiah 

Here is a download of all the posts in order: Messiah Meditations Devotional

This is my favorite musical version:

Handel's Messiah: The Complete Work


We welcome you, our coming King, into our hearts and lives. Amen. 
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