Thursday, May 31, 2012

Isaiah 10 - A Remnant will Return

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The word "woe" is used 113 times in the Bible, and 20 of those times are in the book of Isaiah! God will judge wicked judges, makers of unjust laws, oppressors of the poor.  Assyria would be part of God's plan to judge the people. 

Calno, Carchemish, Hamath, Arpad, Samaria, and Damascus were all cities that were conquered by Assyria. Assyria pridefully thought they could also defeat Judah, but God had other plans. Assyria was punished by God in 701 B.C.  We will read in Isaiah 37 how 185,000 Assyrian soldiers were killed by the angel of the Lord. 

In spite of the judgement on Israel, a remnant would return to the land and trust in the LORD and not Assyria as they had done in the past (Hosea 5:13; 7:11; 8:9).  These people would live by faith in God rather than human help. 


We often run to humans for help when our help is from the Lord. I had a sticky and difficult talk this weekend that left me devastated, but my husband was wise enough to insist we go to the Lord for help. He asked God to expose the lie that I was believing in this situation and to reveal His truth for me. God showed up and revealed His truth! I could walk on in faith and freedom from the human threat that I felt would defeat me.

You can too!


Will you be part of the remnant that walks by faith rather than in fear of the threats around you?

It may sound obvious but most of us do walk in fear rather than faith, and we do not call on the only one who can help! "To whom will you flee for help?" (Isaiah 10:3). I hope it is to the Lord.

Are you struggling with fear or anxiety or stress or hurt? Create some space in your life to listen to God. Get quietly alone with Him and ask Him to reveal what lies you are believing. When you understand the lie, ask Him to reveal  His truth in the situation. Wait, listen, and RECEIVE the truth He has given you. 

My friend has written an excellent book that can carefully guide you through this process. I heartily recommend it:

A Guide to Listening and Inner Healing Prayer: Meeting God in the Broken Places


Lord, would You expose the lies and reveal Your truth that addresses that lie.  I ask that You would speak to us and give us the ears to listen and receive Your truth. I ask this in Jesus' name. Amen. 
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