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Isaiah 11 & 12 - Reign of the Righteous Branch

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Isaiah 11 – Reign of the Righteous Branch

This is a Scarlet Thread of Redemption passage. Isaiah foretells the day when a shoot will spring forth from the seemingly dead stump of Judah. Isaiah glimpses a day when his people’s trials will be over, a glorious kingdom will be established, and a Messiah comes to reign (11:1-9). Jesus would come from the line of David (Review the Davidic Covenant in 2 Samuel 7. Also see Romans 1:3; Revelation 5:5, and 22:16) to be that Messiah and King. We also see the promise of the Spirit (11:2-3a) in this passage. Isaiah refers to the Holy Spirit more than any other Old Testament prophet (11:2; 30:1; 32:15; 34:16; 40:13; 42:1; 44:3; 48:16; 59:21; 61:1: 63:10-11, 14). All three persons of the Trinity are suggested in 11:1-2.

The rest of this passage includes a description of the Messiah and His righteous kingdom where the curse will be lifted, peace and harmony will reign, and even wild animals will be tamed! Peace will reign because “the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the LORD” (Isaiah 11:9; Jeremiah 31:34; Habakkuk 2:14). 

Isaiah 11:10 holds a verse related to the drum I have been tapping since the beginning of Bible Book Club: God wants to bless other nations by the Messiah rallying all nations to have a part in God’s kingdom (Luke 13:29). This is in keeping with God’s promise to Abraham that through his descendants all peoples would be blessed (Genesis 12:3). I hope you can see that. Isaiah 11:10 is a missions verse!

The remainder of this chapter concerns the regathering of God’s remnant from Israel and Judah comparing it to a second “Exodus” complete with a second drying up of waters!

Isaiah 12 – A Song of Praise

This chapter contains a song of praise for the day when Israel and Judah are regathered and the Lord Jesus Christ reigns as a witness to all the nations! God even ties this song to the first Exodus by repeating words from the Israelites’ song after they crossed the Red Sea (Exodus 15:2): “The LORD GOD is my strength and my song, and He has become my salvation” (Isaiah 12:2).


As I type this morning, there is a sense of holy awe that fills my heart. Jesus, the shoot from the stump of Jesse will come again in all His glory, and He shall reign!

There is something so awesome about reading this prophecy knowing that it was given more than 700 years before Jesus’ birth (Matthew 1:6; Acts 13:22,23)!

APPLICATION – Praise and Making Your Own “Jesse Tree”

Make the six short verses in Isaiah 12 the focus of your praise today! Stand in awe of Him for His great salvation!

The prophecy of the “shoot from the stump of Jesse” is the basis for a wonderful Christmas tradition we began in our home in 1997: The Jesse Tree! 

Our Jesse Tree made my nieces when they were in grade school.
The Jesse Three hangs on our wall beginning on the 1st of December with a new ornament added each day. Each ornament symbolizes a story related to the coming of that shoot from the stump of Jesse! What I love about the Jesse Tree is that 21 out of the 25 Bible passages are from the OLD TESTAMENT and really emphasize The Scarlet Thread of Redemption! What a great teaching tool for your kids and reminder for all of us!

If you want to make one of these, it is best to start now! HERE is a script with activities to do with your kids from December 1-25. I have also written a devotional for adults HERE that goes deeper into the passages associated with the Jesse Tree. You can also view this devotional online: Jesse Tree Online.

I hope this blesses you as it has blessed our family since 1997. Please include the copyright in any copies you might make of the Jesse Tree script and devotional!


Pray through Isaiah 12 today!
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