Wednesday, July 31, 2013

2 Thessalonians 3 - Living in Light of Christ's Return

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In this closing chapter, Paul asked for their prayers in the spread of the gospel and for protection from evil men. He expressed confidence that our faithful Lord would protect them from the evil one, Satan. We are in a battle with an unseen enemy. Have you been "armoring up" since you read Ephesians 6?

Paul's last condemnation was for lazy saints who thought the day of the Lord was coming. Because of this, they did not work or plan for the future. This idleness led them to sin. Paul and his associates had already been a great example to them. He exhorted the lazy saints to get to work! If they didn't work, they should not eat and be associated with. Hunger and loneliness would probably drive them to get to work! Tough love is sometimes the best kind of love!


How does the promise of Christ's return affect your daily life? Would a casual observer attest that something is different about you because of Jesus' words: "I will come back" (John 14:3)? 
Jesus' return is a balancing doctrine. It gives both the present and the future a sense of perspective and helps us establish priorities that honor God. Some members of the Thessalonian church viewed His return as a reason to relax -- withdraw from society, close down their businesses, and settle back to wait. But Paul responded sternly to such misguided laziness (3:10-15). And, in our society, busyness can cause us to neglect or even forget to be about heaven's business. 
Have you slipped into the same error through neglect of your family, business, or spiritual duties? Today is a great time to get back on target. Call a family council this evening to discuss any neglected tasks God wants you to perform until His Son returns. 
(Daily Walk, December 2008, p. 7)
Note: If you are single, this can be done with a group of like-hearted brothers and sisters too!

Having read this in the Daily Walk today, it makes me happy I had a great and productive day writing for the Bible Book Club after a few days of real aimlessness and lack of focus! 

I am on the homestretch of an eight year project writing and editing these posts. I feel like this is what God has called me to do, and I am passionate about people knowing Jesus through reading the Bible and applying what they learn. 


What is God calling you to do that will last into eternity? 


Lord, help us to work heartily for YOU! Amen. 
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