Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Day 52: Who Me?

READING: Exodus 4-5


In chapter 4, Moses argued with God over his qualifications to go on this mission. His first objection was that nobody would listen to him. So God showed Moses a couple of miracles that will get their attention and let them know that Moses is God's messenger. They will listen. So then Moses pointed out his own lack of eloquence. (There's one I can relate to!) But God told him it doesn't really matter, because God is the one who will be speaking, not Moses. God plans to speak through Moses, not have Moses speak on his own. Moses responded with, "Please, Lord, just send somebody else." (That's what verse 13 means.) At this point, Moses was indicating that he will disobey God's command to go. That's when God got angry with him.

Moses did decide to obey and headed toward Egypt. His sons were circumcised, then his wife and sons returned back to Midian, and Moses went on and met up with Aaron (whom God had sent to meet him). They went to Egypt, gathered the elders of Israel together, and told them the message from God. Moses showed them the miraculous signs, and they believed his message from God.

Chapter 5 -- It is commonly accepted that the Pharaoh at this time was Amenhotep II. Moses and Aaron come before Pharaoh with the message from God, and Pharaoh said, "Who is the LORD, and why should I listen to him? Get back to work!" He made the work harder for the Israelites, the Israelites complained to Moses, and Moses complained to God. This is going to be a common pattern!


Unfortunately, I think I am an awful lot like Moses. I can come up with many excuses why I'm not the one for the job. As believers, we have a message from God to share with others. But we think, "they won't listen to me," or "they won't believe me." So God gives us the miracle of our own changed hearts as evidence to share. We also have the testimonies of many others and the Bible as witnesses to the truth that we share. So the next common excuse is, "I can't explain it well." God assures us that HE is the one talking; we are simply the mouthpiece through which He speaks. As long as Moses was making excuses, God was patient with him and gave him assurance that He would supply what Moses lacked. He has given us those same assurances.

Over the next forty years, Moses is going to grow a lot! God didn't leave him in his "faithless" condition. As He used Moses to do His work, He was simultaneously working in Moses.


The Lord has been urging me to move conversations with others to a more spiritual level. I have had plenty of excuses, but God has answered them all! Last night I had the opportunity to do what He asked. We have supper at church on Wednesday nights, and I sat with a couple I often sit with. But this time I asked them to share with me the story of their salvation. It was a beautiful testimony of God at work in their lives. It wasn't a big thing, but obedience, even in little things, has its reward.

How about you? Are you willing to say, "Here I am, Lord. Use me as You wish." God does His work through His children. Are you obeying Him, even in the little things? Or are you just making excuses?


You are the great I AM, and You give us -- little as we are -- the opportunity to be in Your service. What an awesome thing it is to have the God of the universe to do His work in us and through us! Lord, give us the answers to our excuses and help us to learn to obey You when You send us on a "mission" for You. It is an amazing privilege to serve You! Thank You for the work You do in our hearts to conform us to Your image and to bring You glory. Amen.
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