Thursday, October 20, 2011

1 Kings 1 - Solomon Anointed as King

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1 & 2 Kings are a record of the kings of both Israel and Judah.

I Kings has a simple structure:
1. Solomon's Reign (1 Kings 1-11) - 971 B.C. 
2. Kings of the Divided Monarchy (1 Kings 12-22) - 931 B.C.
It should be noted that 2 Chronicles is a parallel history of the same period, but we will study it next year as a refresher of history before we study the prophetic books.

1 Kings 1

Adonijah was David's oldest living son by his fifth wife, Haggith. He made steps to become king with Joab and Abiathar's support. We know this from reading 1 Chronicles 22:9-13 (a parallel passage). It tells us that the Lord told David that Solomon would build the house of God and was to be the successor to David's throne and not Adonijah. In this chapter, the prophet Nathan and Bathsheba joined forces to ensure that Solomon replaced David as king. Through their intercession, Adonijah's plans were thwarted, and Solomon was anointed king of Israel.


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