Saturday, October 22, 2011

1 Kings 2 - Dealing with Potential Problems

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David was about to die. So, he gave a final charge to his son, Solomon, much like the one Moses gave to Joshua in Deuteronomy 31:23 regarding being strong and keeping the Word of God. He also reminded Solomon of the special covenant that God had made with David regarding the future of the throne (2 Samuel 7:1-17) that would eventually lead to JESUS! Solomon was to walk before God in truth with all of his heart. Stay tuned about that!

David also commissioned Solomon to deal with both Joab and Shimei (pronounced Shi-mee). Joab had been a loyal commander for David (he was also his nephew), but he sided with Adonijah in his aspirations to become king. He also shed the blood of two innocent men: Abner (2 Samuel 2) and Amasa (2 Samuel 20). On top of all this, he had murdered Absalom (2 Samuel 18) when David had asked that he not be killed. Even though Joab held on to the horns in the tabernacle, he was still not saved from execution.

Shimei had cursed and threatened David’s life (2 Samuel 16), and David had let him go unpunished at the time. Now, Solomon was given that charge to deal with him. Solomon gave him strict orders to stay in Jerusalem, but he disobeyed and was executed.

Adonijah had taken hold of the altar’s horns in 1 Kings 1. According to the Bible Knowledge Commentary“The symbolism of taking hold of the altar’s horns seems to have meant that as God had been gracious to man, as seen in accepting man’s offerings to atone for his sins, so one man should be gracious to another man who had offended him.” Solomon did show him mercy, but Adonijah still believed that all of Israel wanted him to be king. He tried to get to Solomon through Bathsheba, but it ended in his execution.


David did not always deal with problem by “nipping them in the bud.” He did not deal with Absalom when he first murdered his half-brother out of revenge, and this eventually led to disastrous consequences. David warned Solomon to deal with problems that might eventually threaten the kingdom.


Are you dealing with potential problems by “nipping them in the bud” before they become too big to handle?  


Lord, give us the courage to deal with problems without avoiding them or sweeping them under the rug. Bring out those things in our own life that could threaten our walk with You, and help us to handle problems in relationships before they blow up. We ask this in Jesus’ name. Amen.
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