Saturday, December 22, 2012

You are Done with the ENTIRE Old Testament!


You read the last of 929 chapters and 23,261 verses of the Old Testament. It is half the Bible Book Club shelf, but it is roughly 70% of the entire Bible! It has been a challenging read over the last two years, and I am proud of you for your diligent reading of God's Word.

Next year, we will be in the New Testament and finish the last 30% of the Bible. You have the option of starting with the story of Jesus tomorrow since it is Christmas or waiting to start on January 1. You also have the option of reading the Gospels separately or combining them in a chronological story of the life of Jesus through the Gospel Harmony Book Club

The New Testament is a much slower pace with many breaks over the course of the 11 months. We will finish by Thanksgiving and then do a review.