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Psalm 128, 130, 134 - Blessings of the Pilgrim

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"Joy, which is the small publicity of the pagan,
is the gigantic secret of the Christian.

Read yesterday's post if you need a reminder about the "Songs of Ascent." 

Psalm 128 

This is a psalm about family. Blessings and prosperity are a result of our fear and obedience to God.

Psalm 130

This is not only a Song of Ascent but also the sixth of seven penitential psalms (others are Psalm 6, 32, 38, 51, 102, and 143). The first four are attributed to David, but the last three are anonymous. It is a sincere expression of sorrow for sin and assurance of the Lord's forgiveness as we confess. It is perfect for entrance into the temple. 

Psalm 134

As the last of the fourteen Songs of Ascent, the pilgrims have arrived in the sanctuary and address the priests and the Levites, the watchmen who are serving in the temple. Arriving at their destination, the only response is worship and sharing blessings from Zion (Jerusalem).  The group of psalms following Psalm 134 will be all about praising the Lord.

Which does your home most closely resemble: (a) the eye of the hurricane, or (b) the hurricane itself?
Psalm 128 describes a family scene, with father, mother (the fruitful vine), and children (olive plants) assembled around the table. It's a picture of tranquility, harmony, and stability. And at first it may be a scene you have trouble envisioning in your house. (As one harried housewife described it, "Getting my kids to sit still at the dinner table is like trying to nail jelly to the floor!")
But don't miss the point of the psalm. The psalmist is not trying to turn your dining room into a setting for Better Homes and Gardens, but rather to show you the path to true happiness in the home. Even in the midst of chaotic schedules, you can find satisfaction and stability as a family if you will keep uppermost these three things: reverence (fearing the Lord, v. 1a), obedience (walking in His ways, v. 1b), and perseverance (laboring to make it work at any price, v, 2).
This evening, call a family council to discuss ways to put Psalm 128 to work in your home. God has a blessing for your family if only you will follow the blueprint. Will you commit yourself to reverence, obedience, and perseverance in your home? 
(The Daily Walk, June 26, 2008, p. 32) 
I love this: keep reverence, obedience, and perseverance uppermost!

How is it going in your home? 

There is an excellent book that helps you write out a blueprint for your family written by the late Stephen Covey, Seven Habit of Highly Effective Families.


Pray through these three psalms for your prayer time today!
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