Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Psalm 107 - Thankfulness of the Redeemed

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Psalm 107:1 - 150:6 are BOOK V of the book of Psalms. Of these 44 psalms, 15 are by David (108-110; 122; 124; 131; 133; 138-145), one is by Solomon (Psalm 127), and the other ones are anonymous. We will be covering the remaining anonymous ones for the next ten days. 

Psalm 107

This psalm was written to celebrate the return of the exiles from Babylon. He had redeemed them from captivity, and that gives them reason to sing! 

There are four different types of people in distress who are described in this psalm that could refer to both God's faithfulness to his people from the bondage in Egypt and the Babylonian Captivity: 

1) Wanderers (107:4-9)
2) Prisoners (107:10-16)
3) Sick (107:17-20) 
4) Storm-tossed (107:23-30)


God has redeemed us! Maybe you feel like you are in one or more of the categories above. Pray through Psalm 107 today.
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