Sunday, May 2, 2010

Acts 27 - Shipwreck!

by Becky

LINK: Acts 27


Paul, accompanied by Luke and possibly others, is under arrest and bound for Rome by sea. An officer named Julius has been placed in charge of Paul and some other prisoners and accompanies them. He seems to have been a fair man, who showed respect to Paul.

As a Roman citizen Paul had a right to appeal to Caesar, which he had done. So now he's on his way to Rome to stand trial there. He is taking the gospel there at the expense of the Roman government!

The ship was boarded in Caesarea and hugged the coastline as much as possible on its way - for safety. From what I've read in study Bibles, this chapter is a remarkably accurate and detailed account and is consistent with what is known of sea travel at that time. A northeaster hits, and the ship is shipwrecked, but NO ONE aboard dies.

This chapter is an exciting one. I loved hearing it when I was a little girl. It also clearly shows God's hand of protection and care.

Here is a map that shows the route their ship took:

Maps by Gordon Smith can be used without further permission.


When I was about seven or eight our family was stationed in Germany and we took several trips to other European countries. We took a tent and camped as we toured. One of our trips was to Spain and one afternoon we pitched our tent on the Mediterranean coast near Barcelona. That night a huge storm hit. I woke up, frightened. My parents were scrambling around trying to secure things outside, as well as the tent. Soon after that my younger sister woke up; she, too, was scared. I remembered this story and told it to her (and to myself), to remind us that God could take care of us, too. Our fear subsided as we thought about the story. I will always think of this story of Paul and the captain Justus and the shipwreck in the context of howling winds and rain bombarding our tent. I learned the power of God's word that day, too... remembering what He has done and applying who He is to the situation I'm in.

I don't know what "storm" you're in right now or what "storm" I will face tomorrow. But I do know WHO is with me. I do know WHO is in charge. God is the same today as He was then. Paul lived in trust and obedience to the LORD. He carried the good news of Jesus with him wherever he went. He trusted his life to God.


Thanks for this story, Lord. I thank you for that storm our family went through long ago and what you taught me then. I thank you that you are in charge and for your care. Help us to trust and obey and to carry the good news of Jesus wherever we go.
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