Monday, May 24, 2010

Romans 16 - Greetings

by Katrina

LINK: Romans 16

Most of this chapter consists of greetings from Paul to individual believers in Rome as well as greetings to them from others who are with Paul.

As Paul concludes his letter to the believers in Rome, he urges them to watch out for those who will cause dissension and teach anything different from the gospel message he taught.

His final thought to them is to commend them to God. God is able to establish them in faith, and Paul praises God for His wisdom and glory.

Are you a loner? I have a tendency to do things on my own. I'm a bit too independent that way. There are so many people Paul mentions in this chapter who are fellow workers with him in the ministry of the gospel. These many greetings drove home to me the need to be joined with other believers in serving the Lord. I am not an island. God has not called me to serve Him by Himself. I should always have a network of other believers to work alongside, to encourage, to pray. Do you see others who are loners? Maybe you can come alongside someone and be an encouragement to them.

Lord, thank you for the tremendous ministry of Paul to the early believers. Thank you for the many people who worked alongside him, encouraged him, and helped him as he served you. Give us others who will encourage us as we seek to serve you. Don't let us become isolated and try to serve you on our own. In the name of Jesus, amen.
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