Monday, May 10, 2010

Romans 5 - Justification

by Katrina

LINK: Romans 5

The New American Standard Bible divides this chapter into two paragraphs. The first eleven verses are about the benefits of our justification in Christ, beginning with the fact that if we are justified we now have peace with God.

What is justification? The Greek word used here is dikaiosis and is used to refer to the action by which God the Judge declares someone righteous and acceptable before Him. Unger's Bible dictionary explains it beautifully. "In this marvelous operation of God the infinitely Holy Judge judicially declares righteous the one who believes in Jesus. A justified believer emerges from God's great court room with a consciousness that Another, his Substitute, has borne his guilt, and that  he stands without accusation before the bar of God. Justification makes no one righteous, neither is it the bestowment of righteousness as such but rather declares one to be justified whom God sees as perfected once and forever in His Beloved Son."

The second section, verses 12-21, explains the transactions that occurred through Adam and Jesus.

Carefully read the first eleven verses of this chapter and make a list of all the benefits of our justification in Christ. You should find at least seven. The first is that we have peace with God. Contemplate each one and praise God for them!

For the second half of the chapter, make a chart with Adam at the top of one column and Jesus at the top of the other. What actions did each one take? What conditions of mankind are a result of each one? You will find an amazing contrast!

Wow, Lord! Thank you that our justification is through Jesus and his obedience and not dependent on us. We would never, ever be justified before you based on our own efforts! Thank you for these many benefits of our justification in Jesus! Thank you for the free gift given to us through Jesus that takes care of the "gift" of Adam in our lives. Thank you that as believers we no longer live under a reign of death but have eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen!
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