Friday, March 7, 2008

Some Announcement for the Bible Book Club

I am switching to having the Scripture reference in the post title so that we can locate it more easily on the sidebar. I'll have the title in the content of the post from now on.

First of all, my thanks to Katrina and Becky for their contributions this week. I was able to have two glorious days at the Oregon Coast without internet access and without concern because they took over for me while I was gone. Also, you may have already noticed that Katrina will be the regular Thursday contributor to the BBC, and Becky will be taking over the Psalms and Proverbs! Thanks so much, Katrina and Becky!

Also, if you have strengths in any particular books of the Bible, you are welcome to contribute to this blog. I am not territorial about things here. I am a firm believer in "synergy" (interaction of different people such that the total effect is greater than the sum of the individual effects) when it comes to studying the Bible. So, step forward! I would love it.

End of Announcements! See you tomorrow for Exodus 20.
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