Sunday, February 13, 2011

Exodus 4 & 5 - Not a Race

LINK: Exodus 4 & 5  


This is a reminder to not let this reading become a RACE to get through the Bible or an ACADEMIC exercise where you spend time reading and studying but forget to listen to God in the process.


Abide and connect with God today as you prayerfully read.  :)  

Do you believe that God can speak to you like He did to Moses? 

Hearing God is an excellent book about this subject. It is part of a trilogy by Dallas Willard that includes The Spirit of the Disciplines and The Divine Conspiracy. This is my favorite of all three.

Hearing God
Also Under the Title: In Search of Guidance

Lord, may we come to Your Word expectant that You do speak just as You spoke to Moses. Open our ears to hear what You have to say to us. Amen. 

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