Friday, March 11, 2011

Exodus 35 - Sabbath Details and Work Begins on the Tabernacle

LINK: Exodus 35


Moses assembled all of Israel to hear the stipulations for the Sabbath.  Sabbath was the sign of the covenant between God and Israel (31:16-17). So it was very important that they obey. Do you take a sabbath day of rest once a week?

The people willingly committed themselves to the tabernacles construction and workers were appointed (this section is similar to 31:1-11).

The work starts tomorrow!


I am not big on church buildings and especially "building programs."  I have been through some pretty lame building program "sales pitches" that were manipulative and unnecessary. People never gave to them, and they never happened.

When I was meditating on the tabernacle chapters three years ago, our pastor preached about it in the context of building a larger facility for our growing church. I know many people are anti-building projects, but the spirit and way that our leadership handled the building of it was so wonderful! People gave willingly and many workers who are skilled craftsman came out to lend a hand. It was a beautiful process. Three years later, we have a new facility that has really blessed the community as it is used for many activities throughout the week.  It was nice to have a positive experience in this sometimes dreaded endeavor of expansion.


What have you done to improve the place where you worship lately?


Lord, we love the place where Your glory dwells. Thank You for giving us roofs over our heads as we worship You. Bless those who are skilled craftsman for their labors of love in improving those places in which we worship. Amen.
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