Saturday, March 19, 2011

Leviticus 7 - Offerings and Tool Time

LINK: Leviticus 7

BACKGROUND - The Chapter Outline

Let's have another Bible Study "Tool Time" today by learning about the chapter outline.

A chapter outline helps us to see the key themes and ideas.

Here is an outline of Leviticus 7:

  1. Further directions for the guilt offering (7:1-10)
  2. Special procedures for eating the peace/fellowship offering (7:11-21)
  3. Prohibitions for eating unclean portions of offerings (7:22-27)
  4. Portions of the offerings going to the priests (7:28-38)

It is also nice to find a key theme for the whole chapter. A key theme for this chapter might be: 
God made a way for the people of Israel to focus fully on Him in all of their life and for peace with Him.

The Scarlet Thread of Redemption

Ultimately God made a way to Him through Jesus Christ. These opening chapters of Leviticus have Christ written all over them because the death of Christ on the cross was a fulfillment of all of these sacrifices!


Take time out to review the five offerings and see if you can explain what each one meant for the people of Israel, and what they each mean for you today because of Christ. Offer a sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving.


Lord, thank You that Jesus died on the cross in order to make a way to You that is simple and complete and for all time. Amen.
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