Thursday, June 9, 2011

Joshua 11 & 12 - The Northern Victories and Summary of Campaigns

LINK: Joshua 11 & 12


Joshua 11 includes the Northern Campaign in the conquest of Israel. Joshua 12 is a review of the 31 victories led by Joshua but achieved in the strength of the Lord.

The conquest of the land is estimated at seven years based on the life-span of Caleb. At the beginning of the conquest, he was 78 (Joshua 14:7, Deuteronomy 2:14). The conquest of Hebron occurred when he was 85 years old (Joshua 14:10).


What are the "victories" you have enjoyed over the last year? Have you had any breakthroughs in the strength of the Lord in any of these areas?
  • the use of your tongue
  • the use of your money
  • your relationship with your spouse, parents, or neighbors
  • sharing your faith
  • helping people grow in the Lord
  • controlling your temper
  • self-control in a difficult area of addiction  
    (List adapted from The Daily Walk, March 2008)
    Have a "review" of your victories like the one in Joshua 12. Spend time in praise to God for His victories in your life this year.

    Every February, the pastors and leaders of our valley meet for days of prayer together. This year (2014), we met for a "mini-summit" and part of what we did was report what God had done since February. I went in weighed down with burdens, but I was able to reflect on all He had done in just a few months, and I was so encouraged! We should review victories often!


    Lord, You are our strength. You give us victory. Help us to rely on You to overcome strongholds in our life. We ask this in Jesus' name, Amen.
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