Saturday, June 11, 2011

Joshua 14 - Caleb Who Followed the Lord Fully

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Joshua 14 begins the allotment of the land west of the Jordan to the nine-and-a-half remaining tribes. Their assignment was by lot (14:2, 18:8, 19:51, Numbers 26:54-56). The Jewish tradition explains that this was done by drawing from two urns. One urn had the name of the tribe, and the other had the boundary lines of the territory.

This chapter also explains how Caleb was promised "the land on which he had set his foot," because he had "followed the LORD fully" (Deuteronomy 1:36). What is very significant in this chapter is that Caleb was NOT an Israelite originally. He was a Kenizzite. Genesis 15:19 explains that the Kenizzites were a tribe of Canaan in Abraham's day. His family was originally outside the covenant. Their faith was not the result of heredity but of true faith in the living God. 

Again, this shows that God loved ALL peoples who would come to Him in faith. Caleb displayed faith by standing up to the pessimistic report given by the other ten spies before they entered the Promised Land in Numbers 13. Because of his faith, God promised him a special reward (Numbers 14:24), and instead of requesting an easy land, he requested a difficult land with difficult inhabitants because he said, "Perhaps the LORD will be with me, and I will drive them out as the LORD has spoken" (14:12).

What faith!


The secret of Caleb's life was that he "followed the LORD God of Israel fully" (14:14). I find that verse so challenging. Meditate on it. Are you following the LORD fully?


Lord, teach us what it means to follow You fully. Amen.
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