Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Proverbs 7 - Don't Play with Matches

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The Hebrew word for wisdom is a feminine noun. So, it is appropriate that Solomon personifies her as a virtuous woman that we should keep as the center of everything (apple), cling to like a sister and intimate friend or kinsman (Ruth 3:2). When one is so closely tied to wisdom and following the words, commands, and teachings of God, the adulteress of folly will have no appeal. 


I like what The Daily Walk (July 2008) has to say about Proverbs 6-7:
Few people plan to ruin their lives. Yet many a life ends in ruin. Why? Because someone else planned to ruin it for them.  
Satan is crafty and cunning in his attempts to destroy the moral fiber of God's children. His alternate route to God's ordained pattern for love, sex, marriage, and family seems both attractive and inviting (7:10-21). The naive will play with fire and get burned (6:28-29). The foolish will fall for his deception and suffer painful consequences. 
The path leading to adultery is broad and attractive. Tragically, it is a path many find irresistible. But though the trail is well worn, no one needs to follow its deadly course. Whether young or old, married or single, Solomon's message is aimed at the heart: "Don't play with matches -- especially if the match belongs to someone else!" Keep that warning fresh in your mind and heart.

Lord, draw us to Yourself where true satisfaction exists and is free for the taking. Help us to understand the cost of playing with matches. Amen. 
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