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Psalm 132 - A Dwelling Place for God

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This is the thirteenth of the Psalms of Ascent. If you have forgotten what these Psalms are all about see HERE.

This Psalm of David speaks of him not resting until he found a resting place for the Ark, where God's presence dwelt. The Ark was in Ephrathah (Bethlehem, David's hometown) and had spent 20 years in Jaar (Kiriath Jearim, 1 Samuel 7:1-2) until it moved to Zion (2 Samuel 6).  David desired to build the temple so the Ark could have a permanent dwelling (2 Samuel 7), but Solomon was the one God chose to fulfill that desire. It is believed it was read at the dedication of the temple because Psalm 132:8-10 are quoted by Solomon in his prayer in the 2 Chronicles 6:41-42 account. When Solomon put the Ark in the temple, the glory of God came in (1 Kings 8:1-11). This psalm also parallels Psalm 89 and is considered one of the "Zion psalms" (See also Psalm 24, 48, 68, and 89). 

The Scarlet Thread of Redemption

God's covenant with David in 2 Samuel 7:8-29 swore that one of David's descendants would sit on the throne. There were two parts to this oath:

1) Conditional: David's descendants would rule over Israel as long as they followed God - The temple was completed in about 959 B.C. and the line of kings ended at the reign of Zedekiah in 586 B.C. because Israel did not follow through on their end.  Stay tuned. 

2) Unconditional: David's royal line would never end, God said, "I will cause the horn of David to spring forth; I have prepared a lamp for Mine anointed" (Ezekiel 29:21, Luke 1:69). That anointed is Jesus the Messiah, descendant of David (Matthew 1:17). His power and glory will last forever. 


I recently was lectured by a woman who sat in my living room and told me I was an idolater, deceived by Satan, and did not know and study the whole counsel of God enough to know that Jesus could not be God in the flesh. She and her partner also refused to pray with me because I would not be praying to Jehovah God and was, therefore, worshiping a false God.  Oh well. 

It is psalms like this that give me assurance that I am not barking up the wrong tree! Jesus is the One promised from long ago. Reading and studying the whole Bible confirms this. 


The Scarlet Thread of Redemption

There are several things mentioned in this psalm that have a New Testament fulfillment in the person of Jesus:

Throne forever (12): Revelation 11:15 
Horn of David will spring forth (17): Luke 1:69 
Lamp (17): Revelations 21:23 
Mine Anointed (17): Matthew 16:15 (Christ = Messiah, Anointed One) 
Shining Crown (18): Revelation 19:12
It is vitally important to be able to know in your own mind who Jesus is. Let these Old Testament Scripture link you to the New Testament realities so that you may grow strong in your faith.


Lord, as the holiday season is right around the corner, I thank You that in the city of David there was born for me a Savior who is Christ (the Anointed One) the Lord.  Praise and glory to You alone. We pray this in Jesus' name. Amen. 
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