Thursday, August 30, 2012

Jeremiah 40 - After the Fall

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Jeremiah 40-44 follows the events after the fall of Jerusalem. Nebuchadnezzar established a puppet governor over Jerusalem, Gedaliah. Jeremiah was released and had the option of going to live in great comfort in Babylon, but he remained in Jerusalem and continued to prophesy.  But the people who remained in Jerusalem still refused to trust in the Lord and submit to Babylon (Ezekiel 33:23-29).

After the crushing defeat by the Babylonians, the army of Judah was scattered throughout the open country. When they heard that Gedaliah was the governor, they came to him, and Gedaliah assured them that it would go well with them if they submitted to the Babylonians. Some did submit, but the king of Ammon conspired with Ishmael son of Nethaniah, who was from the royal line of David, (40:14-15) to take Gedaliah's life. Remember that Judah and Ammon wanted to unite in rebellion against Babylon (27:1-11) in 593 B.C. with nothing coming of that, but they were still allies when Jerusalem fell. Some speculate that Ishmael wanted that power since he was in the line of the Kings of Judah. 

Foolishly, Gedaliah ignored warnings about his assassination.  Keep reading to see what happened!



Lord, help us not to take the easy way but the way that will bring You glory. Just like Jesus did. Amen. 

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