Friday, August 31, 2012

Jeremiah 41-43: Will You Not Listen?

LINKS: Jeremiah 41-43  (read over the next three days)


Nebuchadnezzar's puppet governor should have listened to Johanan because Ishmael did assassinate him after all! Some commentators believe it was because Ishmael was angry about being passed over for leadership since he was in the line of David.

Then, Ishmael and his band slaughtered worshipers on their way to Jerusalem who were most likely going to celebrate one of the three feasts held during the seventh month (Leviticus 23:23-44). Commentators believe it was for their money and food. With no king on the throne, Judah was thrown into total anarchy.

Johanan and the army officers rescued Ishmael's captives while Ishmael and eight of his men escaped to the Ammonites. In order to escape the Babylonians, Johanan and the captives set out for Egypt via Geruth Kimhan near Bethlehem. It was obvious that they had already made up their mind to go to Egypt; but in the midst of that, they asked for God's guidance for their journey and asked Jeremiah to pray to God for them. They said they were willing to do what God told them to do stating, "We will obey the LORD our God." Through Jeremiah, God told them to stay in the land and to not be afraid of the Babylonians. If they disobeyed Him, Jeremiah warned them that they would die by the sword, famine, and plague. 

Sadly, they disobeyed Him and went to Egypt dragging Jeremiah with them. 


"We will not listen to the message 
you have spoken to us
in the name of the LORD!
Jeremiah 44:16

BUT WHY??????

The whole time I was meditating on these chapters (I had to treat them as a whole instead of in individual posts), I could only think of this song:

"Will You Not Listen?" by Michael Card

Listening is the MOST important thing we can do in our relationship with God. Try to cultivate a heart that really listens. It may mean letting go of everything and stopping long enough to hear Him in the quietness. 


Are you listening? Remember this book is very inspiring to help you listen and obey: God Guides.


Teach us to listen and obey. Amen.
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