Monday, January 9, 2012

Job 11 & 12 - Zophar and Job

LINK: Job 11 & 12


The last of Job's comforters was Zophar who held nothing back in the way of accusations. He is by far the most arrogant and angry of the three friends. He accused Job of three things:

  1. Job was guilty of sin (11:1-4) 
  2. Job was ignorant of God (11:5-12), and 
  3. Job was stubborn because he refused to repent (11:13-20)
Job responded with sarcasm:

“I’m sure you speak for all the experts, 
and when you die there’ll be 
no one left to tell us how to live.” 
(Job 12:1–2, The Message)

Then he went on to say that animals were even smarter than Zophar because they understood that calamities came from the LORD. (This is the only occurrence of Yahweh in the debates with his friends.) 

He concluded Job 12 with a discourse on God's wisdom and power and that everyone is under His control.


Apply what you have read by praying through Job 12:13 - 25 today! Acknowledge His control over everything in your life.
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