Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Job 42 - Job's Repentance and Restoration

LINK: Job 42

Having shut his mouth long enough to listen, Job "gets it"!  His eyes finally "see" God (42:5) and His sovereign purposes in all of His suffering. He knew God in a deeper way and understood that He was in control. One of my favorite verses in this whole book is:

   I have heard of You by the hearing of the ear; 
But now my eye sees You. 
(Job 42:5)  

Job had a fuller picture of God through his suffering. God wants us to see Him with all of our senses. 

This leads Job to repentance for questioning God's sovereignty and justice (42:6) and the replacement of what he had lost (42:10-17, although lost children can never be replaced just by having new ones). Between Job's repentance and replacement,  God had some well-deserved rebuke for Job's friends!


The Scarlet Thread of Redemption

While never mentioning His name, Jesus is the answer to many of the issues raised by Job:

  • Someone must help us approach God (9:32,33) - 1 Timothy 2:5 
  • Is there life after death? (14:14) - John 11:25 
  • There is one in heaven working on our behalf (16:19) - Hebrews 9:24 
  • There is one who can save us from judgment (19:25) - Hebrews 7:24,25 
  • Where do we find God? (23:3-5) - John 14:9 
  • What is important in life? (21:7-15) - Matthew 16:26; John 3:16


Spend time in praising God that Jesus is the answer to life's biggest issues by meditating on the verses provided. 
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