Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Job 15 - Eliphaz Lays Into Job

LINK: Job 15


In this second round, Eliphaz is not as polite to Job as he was in the first round of exhortations. He said Job's words were like a "hot east wind"!  The heart of Eliphaz's accusation is this question: "Why has your heart carried you away . . . so that you vent your rage against God?" (15:12-13). Here are examples of Job's bold words toward God: 6:4; 7:15-20; 10:2-3; 16-17; 13:20-27. Eliphaz reminded Job that the wicked "writhe or whirl" in torment. Therefore, he must be wicked. He gave Job seventeen examples that befall sinners (15:21-35). Eliphaz hopes he can cajole Job into repentance, but it was to no avail. We will read about Job's response tomorrow.

No REFLECTION or APPLICATION today - Keep reading.


Lord, Your kindness leads others to repentance. Help us to be kind in our confrontation of friends. Help us learn from this bad example of what not to do. Amen. 
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