Monday, January 16, 2012

Job 22 - Eliphaz's Third Cycle of Accusations

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We are back to Eliphaz again. You might remember that Eliphaz was more aggressive in his confrontation in the second cycle than the first (Job 15), and he is even more pointed and persistent, even verbally abusive, in this third cycle by proclaiming, "Is not your wickedness great?" (22:5). Eliphaz still cannot fathom that an innocent man would ever suffer. He even accuses Job of several evils without proof that Job has even committed them (22:6-9). Job will answer to these false accusations in Job 31:16,19-22. Eliphaz also twists Job statement that God does know all and judges (21:22) by accusing Job of saying the opposite (22:13). Again, Eliphaz pleads with Job for repentance. 

As already mentioned, Job will not reply to these accusations until chapter 31. We will see in Job 23 that he does not argue but ignores Eliphaz's accusations completely.


False accusations are so stinging. I used to hear them when I was part of a fellowship that chewed me up and spit me out on a regular basis. It was horrible! I hate to be falsely accused!  I got to the point where I was afraid to say anything for fear it would be twisted around.  I can relate with Job as Eliphaz falsely accused and twisted Job's words.

Job did not argue with his friends. He ignored them. That was hard for me to learn to do because I am a truth-teller, but I had to as the accusations got more and more ridiculous and even the elders of my fellowship were the people spreading the false accusations! I realized the truth of the old saying that "A lie goes all the way around the world before the truth ever gets its shoes on." People are more drawn to falsehood and do not usually question it.  My friend Jamie says, "It takes no faith to listen to a lie, but it takes faith to listen to the truth." 

I have learned I cannot put out the fires of falsehood, and they are there to trip you up and keep you from moving forward. Now, I just walk away from the muck and mire and move on, knowing God knows the truth. I also do not believe everything I hear about others, and I choose not to be around people who are speaking about others in the first place!  Thankfully, my current fellowship does not do that!


It is hard to walk away from false accusations, but it is the best possible course of action. The truth will be known eventually. The only person who really matters is God.  Walk away and pray!


Lord, help us to walk away. I pray this in Jesus' power and name. Amen. 
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