Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Psalm 9 - Honesty Opens the Door to Trust

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Many commentators believe Psalm 9 and 10 were actually one psalm because Psalm 10 is the only Psalm from Psalm 3-32 that does not have a superscription (intro with background) and has similar wording to Psalm 9 like "times of trouble." There is also an emphasis on "mortal men" and the mention of the word "nations" in both psalms. We will read Psalm 10 tomorrow.

This is primarily a psalm of praise and thanksgiving for vindication. God is the true and eternal Judge. The afflicted can trust in Him. It comforts the oppressed but would terrify the oppressor! 


David blows the lid off our concept that we have to have it all together to approach God! David was brutally honest about how he felt, even if it meant being angry because he did not feel that God was hearing him or doing anything for him. 

God knows what you are feeling anyway. You might as well be honest with Him. God is very secure in who He is (because He is GOD). Honesty is the pathway of prayer one must take even if it does not seem all tidy and spiritual in your own mind. That pathway helps you face your fear and lack of faith so that God can lead you all the way through it. Then, when you decide to trust in Him, "The moment you arrive, you relax; you're never sorry you knocked" (Psalm 9:10, The Message).  Honesty gets us up to the door before we knock. 

The key verse in this Psalm is: 

Those who know your name will trust in you, 
for you, LORD, have never forsaken 
those who seek you.
(Psalm 9:10) 

The key word in this verse is "know." In the Hebrew, it is not an intellectual knowledge of God but a relational and experiential knowledge of Him. The more we put our trust in Him the more we will experience His faithfulness, but it always has to begin with an honest relationship with Him. 


Be honest with God today. Tell Him you want to know Him through the difficulty. Ask God, "What do you want me to know?" Then listen to what He says. 


Lord, thank You that we can come to Your throne of grace with confidence and receive mercy and grace to help in our time of need (Hebrews 4:16). Thank You for the example of David who came with confidence. Help us to come to You confidently too, and to cultivate an honest relationship with You. We want to learn to rely on You and trust in You in every trial we face in this life. Thank You so much for Your great love for us. Amen.
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