Thursday, September 8, 2011

Psalm 44 - God Our Help in Ages Past

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You know that Sesame Street game that had the song "One of These Things is Not Like the Others."  Well, what is different about this Psalm? 

It is not written by David!  It is a "contemplative" song of the Sons of Korah.  They were temple assistants who were descendants of the Levites. "The 'sons of Korah,' who formed a leading part of the Kohathite singers (2 Chr. 20:19), were intrusted with the arranging and singing of Ps. 4244–49848587, and 88" (Easton's Bible dictionary). 

Even though it is not a psalm of David, I put it here because it is about military defeat and victory. Also, it has many parallels with Psalm 60. Compare:

44:3 with 60:5
44:5 with 60:12
44:9, 23 with 60:1, 10

This psalm is a lament of the nation during military defeat. It is a plea for victory. In this psalm, past victories are remembered and confidence is asserted in God and a prayer for victory is given.  


This afternoon, I took a long bike ride and then swung around to pick up George on campus. As I entered the campus wi-fi, I heard a "ping" telling me that my wireless iPod had a Facebook message.

It was a "distress signal" that read, "I'm totally freaking out! Sigh." 

As I laid on the grass, looking up into the summer sky, I prayed for this young woman. I wish I could make it all better for her. She moved up here six months ago for more training in ministry. God had provided a job, but she lost it about a month ago due to budget problems. She is very discouraged. I do not blame her. I am forced to trust right along with her. 

This psalm is perfect for her dilemma. The sons of Korah remind us that God was faithful in the past, and He will be faithful in the future even though the present seems to be filled with defeat. 

Pray for this dear, young woman. Pray that she would come out on the other side strengthened in her faith.

2014 Update: She has been serving God in East Asia for the last two years. God has greatly strengthened her faith since then!


Does your present look bleak, and do you see no hope for the future?  Make a list of God's faithfulness to you in the past and praise Him!


I keep thinking about the old hymn, God Our Help In Ages Past, while meditating on this Psalm. Let this be your prayer today. God is truly our help in the past and will continue to be in our future!
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