Sunday, September 25, 2011

2 Samuel 16 - Insults and Advice

LINK: 2 Samuel 16


In this chapter, the servant of Miphibosheth, Ziba, told David that Miphibosheth had gone back to Jerusalem in hopes of reclaiming Saul's throne. David believed him and gave him all that belonged to Mephibosheth without confirming Ziba's claim. We will find out in 2 Samuel 19 that this is not true.

Shimei, a man from the house of Saul, came out and cursed David with untrue insults (David had never shed Saul's blood but honored him as the Lord's anointed). Abishai wanted to cut off the man's head, but David allowed the man to vent and left it in the Lord's hands. He went on exhausted but eventually refreshed himself in the Lord.

Meanwhile, back in Jerusalem, Hushai (David's spy) convinced Absalom that he had defected to his side and Ahithophel advised Absalom to have relations with David's concubines in order to affirm his secession and to fulfill what Nathan had prophesied in 12:11, 12: that another man would sleep with David's wives.


Remember my reflection from a while back about the woman who still believes that I have ill will against her and is saying things behind my back? I learned a valuable thing from David's encounter with Shimei in 16:5-14. He quietly tolerated the unjustified abuse toward him. I want to maintain my composure just like David. I cannot stop this dear woman's criticism of me even though it, too, is unjustified. My flesh wants to shout in defense and say:

"I'm innocent!"

But like David, I will ignore it and leave it in the Lord's hands. He knows what I am enduring, and he will vindicate me. That is so comforting. In the meantime, I will pray for her.

2014 Update: The Lord straightened it all out. 


Perhaps you have been falsely accused. Can you follow David's example and let the Lord straighten it all out?


Lord, thank You that You are the righteous judge, and our vindication is only from You. Thank You that You are always on the side of the innocent. Thank You that You know what we are enduring and allow these things to grow us to full maturity in You. Thank You for the process of growth that You are taking each of us through. Lord, please vindicate Your servants. We ask this in Jesus' name. Amen.
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