Thursday, September 29, 2011

Psalm 10 - God Will Right All Wrongs

LINK: Psalm 10 (read it in all three versions!)


As I said yesterday, commentators believe Psalm 9 and 10 were one big psalm because there is no attribution to David in Psalm 10 when it is in the middle of others that are attributed to him.

This psalm contains similar themes discussed in previous posts this week. David was honest with God regarding his need for help (almost seeming to complain). He is quick to plead for justice over the wicked and concludes by exalting God as King and the one who hears all our cries!


I saw that a new television show will be airing this fall called Revenge. It is about a young woman who moves to the Hamptons to seek revenge for her father's murder. It looks really creepy. I am thinking she did not read Psalm 10 because it maps out a different path that allows God to right all wrongs.

This reading in the Daily Walk (June 2, 2008) speaks perfectly to the issue of revenge:
"Why, O LORD?" (10:1). What Christian hasn't asked that question, particularly when the wicked seem to prosper without punishment and God does nothing in answer to the prayers of His children? 
In Psalm 10 the psalmist touches the nerve of this painful problem and probes for God's divine perspective on it. True, the proud and self-sufficient are prospering in their ways; true, they are seemingly getting away with murder; true, God has seemingly forgotten about bringing justice to bear (at least from the perspective of the wicked). But don't be lulled into following their wicked course. God has seen the injustice they commit; God has not overlooked their mischief and spite; the day of payment for their wickeness will come. And when it does, you will be glad you didn't walk with the wicked. 
Are you struggling with feelings of bitterness toward God or revenge toward another over an injustice you suffered at the hands of someone? There are two paths you can follow: (1) Nurse your grudge and demand that God answer your why; or (2) turn your grudge over to God and in exchange find His strength to bear up under your sufferings. Read verses 16-18 out loud as your confident testimony that "the LORD is King." 

Praise to You, our righteous King! You know the score on every account, and You vindicate us in Your righteousness!  Lord, I pray for true honesty with You for all on the Bible Book Club because that is where a genuine relationship with You starts. I LOVE You! Thank You for being there through every step of my life!!! Amen.
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