Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Numbers 11 - Complaints in the Wilderness

LINK: Numbers 11


The people were only three days into their march toward the Promised Land and they started complaining about their hardships (11:1) and lack of meat (11:4)! Only a year earlier, three days after crossing the Red Sea and God's miraculous deliverance, they had complained about the food too (Exodus 16)! The Lord heard their complaining to one another, and He sent fire. He sent them meat to eat, but he also sent a plague. God's wrath was swift toward the complaining, ungrateful Israelites.

By the way, the rabble referred to in 11:4 is believed to be a mixed crowd of Egyptians and others who had followed Israel out of Egypt (Exodus 12:38).


Have you ever thought about the fact that the Israelites complained and God's wrath was unleashed, but Moses complained and God answered him with the provision of seventy elders to share in his responsibility? What is the difference?

I think the difference is that the people complained to each other and exhibited very ungrateful and unbelieving hearts, but Moses took his complaint to God, acknowledging that He was in control.


How often will I complain to another person instead of bringing a matter directly to God who is the only One who can really solve the problem anyway? How about you? Is there an issue you need to bring to Him now?


Gracious provider God. We are so grateful for the food we eat, the shelter in which You protect us, the fellowship in which You surround us. All things come from You. Help us to come to You instead of complain about You to other people. We ask this in Jesus' name. Amen.
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