Saturday, August 13, 2011

1 Samuel 26 - Saul Admits the Inevitable

LINK: 1 Samuel 26


Again, David encountered Saul on the hill of Hachilah (means "dark") and did not harm the Lord's anointed (Saul), knowing that the Lord would someday strike him. Saul acknowledged his sin of pursuing David and the inevitable: “Blessed are you, my son David; you will both accomplish much and surely prevail” (26:25).

Saul asked David to come home, but David went on his way even though we do not have any record that Saul pursued David beyond this point. This chase lasted nearly a decade, and God taught David so much in the process!


Saul knew his gig was almost up, and he returned home. There is such resignation in his words. What a sad waste of his life to have pursued someone who would have never harmed him. I wonder how he felt at that moment of finality when he realized that he did not need to compete anymore with David and acknowledged that David would prevail.

Competition has no place among the children of God's kingdom because we are all on the same team and heading toward the same goal of giving glory to God in our lives. If only Saul had sought the Lord and resigned to His will for his life.

What a waste of the best years of his life. It always reminds me of Osama Bin Laden. He had all the resources to make life better for other people, but his life was one of mass destruction, and it came to such a terrible end.


Does competition plague you? Here is an interesting article written by a young mother that struggles with this, and it might be right where some of you are at in your life: Competitive Balancing

Here is another article for those of you in the marketplace: Competition and the Christian

Then, examine your heart regarding competition. Our competition may not go to Saul's level, but even a little bit is unhealthy and counterproductive to growth in the Lord and fellowship with other believers.


Search us, O God, and know our hearts. Try us and know our anxious thoughts. See if there be any hurtful way in us, and lead us in the everlasting way. We pray this in Jesus' name we pray. Amen.
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