Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Psalm 52 - David's Response to the Slaying of the Priests of Nob

LINK: Psalm 52


This Psalm is based on the events in 1 Samuel 22.

In this Psalm, David address the "evil man." Most scholars believe it was directed straight at Doeg, whose tongue led to the destruction of the priests.

Generally, this Psalm describes the wicked (52:1-7) and the righteous (52:8-9). What are characteristics of both?

The "mighty man" (wicked) . . . 
boasts in evil 
his tongue is destruction 
is deceitful 
loves evil more than good 
loves falsehood more than speaking what is right 
loves all words that devour 
would not make God his refuge 
trusted in his riches 
was strong in his evil desire 
David (righteous) . . . 
is like a green olive tree in the house of God 
trusts in the lovingkindness of the Lord forever and ever 
will give thanks to God because He has done it 
will wait on God's name 
David could say this because he knew that God will do this to the wicked . . . 
break him down forever 
snatch him up and tear him away from his tent 
uproot him from the land of the living


What amazes me about David's words were the circumstances in which he wrote them. He was on the run, hiding in caves! Yet, he could rely on His God to take care of the evil around him. He responded by trusting in, waiting on, and thanking the LORD in the face of unspeakable horror because he knew that God would repay according to His own timetable.

As you have read in previous posts this last week, I have not encountered a destructive tongue that eventually led to murder, but I have encountered a destructive, lying, biting tongue on more than one occassion, and it is not fun! It led to much heartache, but it has also led to much refining and maturing!  It is hard to sort through your feelings in those kinds of situations, and I cannot say that I always have had the quick response that David had, but I know that God wants me to trust in, wait on, thank, and leave the outcome to HIM!


Can you trust in, wait on, and thank the LORD in the face of evil or a destructive tongue? Dialogue with God about that now.


Lord, I pray that we would all become "green olive trees in your house" one step at a time. Help us to grow strong by trusting in your lovingkindness today, no matter what our circumstances look like. I pray this in Jesus' name. Amen.
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