Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Psalm 57 & 142 - David Seeks Refuge in God

LINK: Psalm 57 & Psalm 142


Even though pursued by Saul into caves, David sought refuge in God alone. He was honest about his plight but left the results up to God.  Both of these short Psalms are personal laments for God's protection. I learn so much about depending on God alone from David's laments. He has such a dependent heart.

REFLECTION (written September 2008) 

A few days ago, I joked that I wanted to "crawl in a hole" because I was tired and worn out and had too much on my plate. Often, "crawling in a hole" can result in unhealthy introspection. How appropriate that I would meditate on the life of David during this time. God told me to "crawl in a cave" and spend time with Him getting His perspective on the whirlwind surrounding me. Thankfully, no one is pursuing me in hatred, and I am at peace relationally, but life is hectic in September, and I had not caught up on sleep after my trip to Southeast Asia.

So, I had a wonderful time "in the cave" from midnight to 2:30 am on Wednesday morning. God met me in wonderful and profound ways. I was able to "complain and murmur" about some things I had "stuffed" down deep, and I was able to get His perspective and direction. It was fabulous. I woke up the next morning a new woman with a "song of joy" in my heart!

2014 Update: What a difference six year has made in my life. I think I have grown! I am much less worn out these days and more balanced in all things. (It also helps that my kids are both in college, and I am not homeschooling and facilitating literature classes with moms "heaping" things on my plate in educating and managing their kids!) 

Now, I do not put too much on my plate nor do I let other people put things on my plate that God has not asked me to put there. I am such a people-pleaser that it was hard for me to say "No" to people. Now, I am more apt to take "pre-emptive cave times" every morning where I sit with pen and paper in hand and "listen and obey" God. He will put just what I need on my plate, and I can politely decline with confidence when others try to heap things on my plate that He never intended for me. It is GROWTH for me to say "No!" to something in order to say "Yes!" to Him!

Like 2008, we went on another trip to Southeast Asia in 2011. Originally, we were going to go with someone who promised a certain date and place and itinerary that we were very excited about. 

Without consulting us, he changed the time to later in the summer right before our ministry and school would be starting, and more importantly, he changed the focus of the trip. After this, we listened to God and He gave us another plan.

The man tried to "heap HIS agenda on our plates," but it was not God's agenda for us. We politely declined, and he even told us we were "Jonah's" which made us laugh because we were doing quite the opposite because Jonah did not "listen and obey," and that is exactly what we were doing by NOT going on his trip and going on God's trip for us! We ended up having an amazing time doing what God had for us, and it was scheduled EARLIER in the summer, giving us plenty of rest before the fall RUSH! 


Do you need some "cave time"? Are you running, running, running away from an unseen enemy but not running to the only One who can help you and sustain you?

Stop, go in your cave (or closet or bedroom or your "happy place"), and go to your God. Pray through some of these Psalms and be honest with God. Then, listen.

Here is the "shout of joy" after meditating and praying through Psalms 55-59 this week. Sorry it is a bit flat in tone, but my spirit is not flat!


Lord, we LOVE You. Lead us to the Rock that is higher than us! Amen.
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