Monday, February 13, 2012

Psalm 77 - A Way to Battle the Blues

LINK: Psalm 77


Remember when Job recalled the "good old days" in Job 29? The Psalmist, Asaph, is doing the same thing (77:5). At first, it makes him sad when he remembers how he used to sing in the night, and he wonders why God has rejected him.

Then, Asaph combats his troubled feelings and doubts about God's care by recalling the Exodus when God delivered His people from Egyptian bondage, parted the Red Sea, and provided for them in their sojourn through the wilderness. 

By remembering God's care for His people in the past, Asaph was able to turn his troubled reflections into earnest praise!


Do you sometimes feel blue like Asaph? Do you feel like God has abandoned you? Why not take a play out of Asaph's playbook and reflect upon God's good dealings with you in the past!? Make a list. Put it out so that you can see it. Next time you doubt His care, take a look at the list and add to it.


Most powerful God, we worship You for Your infinite goodness. Help us to remember Your good dealings with us in the past. Amen.
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