Wednesday, February 1, 2012

1 Chronicles 2-8: A Look Back

LINKS:  1 Chronicles 2-8
(Read over the next three days. Listen to the NIV UK version for a cool English accent!) 


More genealogies! Genealogies are tough to read through because of all the difficult names, but they are important. Good thing you have three days to read all of them! I suggest you listen to the names by pressing the little sound icon right above the text on the Bible link. 

The fun thing about this is that, if you have read with us through the first year of the Bible Book Club, many of these names will sound familiar to you!  How many names do you remember?

Here is a summary to help you in the genealogy:

1 Chronicles 2: Judah - David's Dynasty 
1 Chronicles 3: David to Captivity 
1 Chronicles 4-8: Genealogies of the Tribes 
  1. Judah (4:1-23)
  2. Simeon (4:24-43)
  3. Reuben (5:1-10)
  4. Gad (5:11-22)
  5. Manasseh (5:23-26)
  6. Levi (chapter 6)
  7. Issachar (7:1-5)
  8. Benjamin (7:6-12)
  9. Naphtali (7:13)
  10. Manasseh (7:14-19)
  11. Ephraim (7:20-29)
  12. Asher (7:30-40)
  13. Benjamin (chapter 8)
There is no REFLECTION OR APPLICATION for these days because genealogies are tough!


Thank You for our King from the tribe of Judah, Jesus! Amen. 
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